First ascent of Labuche Kang II (7072 m) in Tibet


First ascent

The 1995 expedition led by Heinz Hügli made the first ascent of Labuche Kang II (7072 m) in Tibet.

Labuche Kang II

The newly climbed summit is the attractive and well individualized summit reaching 7072 m and located few kilometers west from the main summit Labuche Kang I (7365 m). We call it Labuche Kang II. A sole previous tentative ascent by an Italian team in 1992 was unsuccessful.


The expedition reached the summit in three consecutive groups: on April 30, 1995, Christian Meillard, Thierry Bionda et André Müller reached the top; Simon Perritaz, André Geiser and Pierre Robert followed on May 2 ; finally, Dominique Gouzi, Carole Milz, Heinz Hügli and Doris Lüscher succeeded on May 5.